10 Things I'm Thankful For!

It’s Thanksgiving. So let’s be thankful.

It's the little things that end up making the big things.

These are 10 of mine:

1. My Kids — I just love those two to pieces. So different in their personalities. I remember when I was younger telling my mom "Don't worry about me!" Looking back on how much i didn't understand about life by just uttering those words makes me laugh today. Especially when I think that I will never, ever, stop worrying for my kids as long as I live.

2. The Relationship I have with my fiance - Bless her heart for having the patience to want to deal with me. I can be a very cerebral person, and dealing with that on a daily must be mentally, emotionally, and physically tiresome.

4. Mountain Biking - A few years ago when I was on the dating scene I remember going on a first date where we asked each other the normal questions like "what are you into?" I ask her first of course, but when she returns the question she tells me "you really do love mountain biking, what is it that you love so much?" After I took a breath to think about it I answer "You know what's amazing about mountain biking? It's like making love...It's like making love to the earth. You know, you have to get your hips and body all into it, and it's a rhythm." Oh yeah, there were movements in the explanation as well.

Would it surprise you that she wanted to go out on another date!!!

5. My Daily Shake - This thing is packed full of goodness. It's got a vegan protein base with a vegan based multivitamin, I do add some grass-fed collagen, creatine, peanut butter, banana, all the berries, and almond/coconut milk to give me a base of just about all the nutrients I need. Since I do intermittent fasting, this is my introduction to nutrition just about every day.

6. Everything I’ve gotten rid of this year - Countless shirts and odd and ends and pants dating back to who knows when. It's even more fun when I can sneak away some of my fiance's stuff without her noticing...Oops, did I say that out loud? Here's to minimalism!!

7. Podcast - My name is Flip Aguilera and I have a podcast addiction. No podcast shaming me ok. I'll give you one recommendation. If you're a novice podcast listener Invisibillia is a great one to whet your appetite with.

8. Hercules - Our vision was rewarded by the universe with our(dog) little, big guy Hercules

9. The Hybrid Car - This year we bought a hybrid. After talking about how inept it seems our politicians are these days, my fiance and I decided to do our part to lower our carbon footprint and keep more of our finances and not give it as much to oil companies.

10. Rpod 179 - This was also the year that we decided to stop talking and take action on getting an RV so we can realize the vision we have for our lives together. How exciting is that?

There's so much to be grateful and thankful for. Take a moment today to listen to and share what you're thankful for with someone you care about.

You're awesome Sweat Nation, Much Love to you!!!

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