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5 Tips To Life Success

5 tips to life Success

Here at Sweat Nation, we know we must deliver tremendous value to you. Because you are us as we are you. The more value we can give, the more value we create for the world. This is the enlightened self-interest of capitalism. To do that, we have to be proactive and in control. Here are 5 tips to use so that you can optimize success in your life. 1. Plan ahead.

If you’re reacting all, or even some, of the time, it's going to be a struggle. The key is to be proactive in plotting out the ideal future for your life. I know— easier said than done for those of us who are constantly going and going. But the fact is, stepping back and engaging in preparation for what you want to come next is crucial to lasting and meaningful success. What’s more, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to become a better proactive planner. There are numerous resources to help you engage in long-term vision planning, and then smaller-dose resources that help you plot out 60 or 90 days of action steps to move you toward that vision. (Resource recommendation: Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.) 2. Implement professional accountability.

Being held accountable for our commitments and actions is a great motivator to walk our talk. But frankly, accountability usually doesn’t really work if we look to our teams or our friends to hold our feet to the fire. The best approach is to enlist the help of a professional coach, trainer, or mentor. They can give you expert advice about the key issues you’re trying to solve, but perhaps even more important, they’ll be brutally honest about what you’re doing right and wrong, and where you’re veering off your path—all so you can keep your eyes on the prize. A friend or associate can help motivate you with their positivity, of course, but a coach or mentor is the third party that sees things from the outside who can tell you ‘you’re making some mistakes—let's brainstorm what can we do about that going forward?'’ That said, not just any coach will do. For maximum impact, be sure to work only with someone who shares your vision who can also as I like to tell clients tell you how it is, not how it might be. Your coach/mentor should be someone who you “get” and who “gets” you. If you’re not aligned in some deep way with your coach, you ultimately will end up ignoring their advice and insights. But if you are, you can reasonably expect to accomplish in 2 or 3 years what might have taken you 4 or 5 years on your own.

3. Recruit positive social support.

Of course, we do need cheerleaders in our lives who pick us up on our worst days. Those days where it seems like nothing goes right and that you'll never reach your vision. This is where those friends and colleagues who will keep saying “Go for it! You can do it!” are so valuable. I’ve found mastermind groups that hold regular meetings (such as Axen Club) and events to be particularly affirming and motivating, especially when they consist of people who are pursuing similar goals with the same amount of passion. Keep in mind this social support can come virtually as well as from “in-real-life” friends. LinkedIn and & Facebook groups Such as the Sweat Nation FB Group, and other online communities of like-minded people can be highly effective at providing motivational social support. 4. Give yourself meaningful incentives.

Whether it involves our health, finances, or anything else, few of us stick to our plans and visions if we don’t have something that incentivizes us. The key is to make that incentive be deeply meaningful. An example may be that if you reach a goal you reward yourself with that concert with your BFF that you've been chatting about wanting to go to. After all, your life needs a banging soundtrack!! What I’ve learned over time is that what really matters in life is the people we spend time with and the experiences we have. 5. Set a hard deadline for meeting a goal.

Most of us don’t like having a deadline looming. Reminds of school and homework, but lets be real. If our teachers would have never given us the deadline for completing an assignment, would any of us had really done it? Deadlines can be—and often are—very positive for us. It’s helpful to set a series of short deadlines because it’s relatively easy to tell ourselves that we can commit to something for 30, 60, or 90 days. When we feel burned out halfway through the process, we can quickly tell ourselves that we’re close enough to the deadline to keep pushing forward.

Sweat Nation is here for you. The 30/30 Rise Program is a way to focus these tips on your health and nutritional goals. 30/30 Rise is an exercise and nutrition program that spells everything out for 30 days. What to do in and out of the gym. Drop us a word if you're interested. It's in pre-sale for the rest of the year, it's getting refined for a January Launch. If you're ready for it now reach out, we're looking for testers to try it at a discounted rate.

Here's to optimizing your life!!

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