How are you?!?!?! I hope well. New Year's resolutions. Did you make one? Are you keeping on it? Honestly. This Blog Is the Very first resolution I've ever made. I plan on sticking with it. Not because it's a new year, but because I want to be accountable to as many of you as possible. My name is Flip Aguilera. With A being the first letter of my last name I've made it a "thing".

Accountability it's the first A. There's another reason I use the AAA's. They are also a representation of my the kiddies! Both of my kids initials are AAA. Anyways, getting back to accountability. Accountability is a big responsibility. As an example I've write this blog to be accountable to you to keep learning and providing value. Sometimes we need help in being accountable for our actions.

Activities(the second A in the AAA sequence) How do you like to move? There is no wrong answer. Movement is the the body's time to be free. Like most things in life the activities you choose to engage in become what you are. Choose to be active with your movement. You can always choose an activity that can hinder your movement. Let me suggest that you become aware of not letting this become your practice.

Accomplishment, If you're true to the other two A's, accomplishment is what should follow. let me tell you, there is nothing more full filling than looking back and taking in your accomplishments. This is the part where you feel happier; your self esteem goes up, and life just seems a lot more in sync. When you wake up every morning and stare at the person in the mirror, and think to yourself "good job, not bad." That very same mirror can also serves as a nemesis. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It will keep you driving for more accountability, activities and of course accomplishments!!!!!!!

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