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Domesticated Dog or Wild Wolf

the dog and the wolf, aesops fables,

Reading these days I came across the classic story of the dog & the wolf. It made me think to expand on the message of the story for you.

Freedom is never free.

It requires risk-taking….And that could mean trading your freedom for safety and comfort, or risking it all in the wild…

In a famous tale written by Aesop(Ah, the classics), the domesticated dog brags to the wild wolf all of the luxury and comfort he has, almost convincing the wolf to join him. Until the wolf asks about his collar and is terrified when he understood its use.

The first domesticated wolf traded its nature and freedom for safety, comfort, routine, and predictability. These are all great things, but a domesticated dog will never experience the sheer ecstasy that comes with risking it all for a successful hunt, or the liberty to do what it wants and be in step with its nature.

In today’s world, this is happening to you, me, all of us right now.

The technology and modern comforts of today are stripping us of our animalistic nature and changing us from the very needs that made us homo sapiens. In this evolution conditions like depression and anxiety are at an all-time high, despite it from a certain angle is the safest and most prosperous time to be alive.

The modern corporation is turning men/women into worker-drones. There’s nothing “natural” much less fulfilling about sitting in artificial light, slouched over, taking orders, and banging on a keyboard for 8 hours each day. I should know as it's the symptoms of this lifestyle that I'm constantly working to undo throughout Sweat Nation.

alternative facts, fake news,

Pop culture is filling heads with garbage and false ideals. #Alternativefacts #fakenews

Compulsive Social Media use and the dopamine you get from it are creating digital addicts. The effect is robbing your attention, focus, and ability to think for yourself. All for the hope of the next dopamine hit #digitalcrackheads

The processed agri-business garbage that makes up the standard American diet is making you hormonal, fatter, dumber, lazier, and weaker.

All of these things are meant to numb you, pacify you, kill your ability to think freely and keep you domesticated.

The Romans did it to their people with bread and circus, in the colosseum. Today, we're doing it to ourselves with Facebook, Soy Lattes, and The Kardashians.

All of this takes you away from your nature — the things you need in order to feel “whole”.

A human can domesticate a dog by dangling a treat in front of it.

“Sit, boy, Good Boy"

And a corporation does the same thing with promises of a future promotion to reward your good behavior. Pavlov figure it out and it's been exploited ever since

“Sit in this cubicle from 9-5 for 10 years and you’ll keep moving up the ladder." As the golden handcuffs will continue getting tighter.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-corporate. There’s nothing wrong with working for a good company doing good things in the world.

Besides, risk-taking isn't for everyone…Part of being a part of Sweat Nation is allowing yourself to ask yourself what you want your life to look like and dance with your fear as you accomplish it.

There is a version of this story where the wolf scoffs at the domesticated dog, runs into the wild, and gets eaten by a lion.

But if you feel that 'internal voice' telling you that you're capable of more, that there's more out there for you. Then the biggest risk you face is not taking any risk at all.

The question to ask yourself is this:

Do you want to be a lap dog or a wild wolf?

Both are fine, there is no wrong answer. Remember this though... Don’t be a lap dog pretending to be a wild wolf.

Here's to making your dream a reality!

Aesops Fables - The Dog & The Wolf

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