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Hope this week finds you well! Education: This word means a lot if you're trying to reach your goals. It is a critical key to success. There is not a day I wake up and think that there isn't enough time in the day to learn everything I want to learn to help me reach my goals, or to help provide value to assist you in yours. Let's see what I've been delving into lately.

With so much information the issue becomes that it's very hard to distinguish the good information from the bad information. Between all the marketing, and all the blah, blah, blah that gets thrown around, Am I the only one who thinks It truly can become overwhelming, and discouraging to try and figure it all out? How many times have you heard? "I heard (blank) and they said that this supplement is good or bad for you." Do you ever wonder "where does this information come from" and "how am I to know that "this" interpretation" is the most accurate? This is where your level of understanding a subject and critical thinking comes into play.

Like most things in life, you need to start at the basic levels and move forward from there. There are a lot of people that hear something that's beyond they're level of understanding and try to make sense of it. Many times trying to make sense of something that's not understood leads to gross misinterpretations.

Some of my go to sources to learn about this world we live in.

I'm big on podcast. Here are my go to's

Philosophize This - The evolution of human thought is a fascinating topic. It may not seem like something that has to do with wellness, but how we think is a major part of wellness. This podcast goes through the philosophy of human though and builds on how we once thought and how its brought us to where we are in the present day. The Host Stephen West ability to tell a story and make it relevant to us today is absolutely wondrous. There's something about trying to figure out how we used to think and how it will forecast how we will think.

The Fitcast -This podcast single handedly fed my addiction to fitness. It's filled with extremely good information and consistently has top fitness professionals on as guests. Host Kevin Larabee, come across as a normal everyday guy. Make no mistake, he is extremely committed to what he does. It's been a pleasure to watch him grow throughout the years into the professional he is today.

Michael Boyle's Strength Coach Podcast is more advanced and catered to athletic training resource. You should know your stuff to sink into this one.

"Real Knowledge is to know the extent of ones ignorance..." and to work towards becoming less ignorant in the search for the truth.

Revolution Health Radio I've learned so much about holistic health from this show. It's brought the gut microbiome and how it responds to the onslaught of what we do to our bodies to the forefront. Another thought I've gotten from here is that we're connected to this earth, as long as we continue to make the earth sick, we will go as it goes.

With that, keep on learning with the curiosity of a child. Its the best way to...

Keep the Dream Alive, Make The Dream A Reality...LIVE THE DREAM!!!!

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