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FlipAAA - Sweat Nation Introduction

Hello!! I'm Flip Aguilera, Sweat Nation Founder. and I would like to welcome you all to the Sweat Nation blog. This blog will be for the Professional that wants to optimize their mind/body, finances/career & relationships.

Fitness has been a huge part of my life and I'd like to be able to share the things I have & will continue to learn. Let's make this fun, and more importantly. This blog will be informative.

Let's dive in. Fitness is where my journey began. Through time I've picked up financial expertise & relationship coaching. After all, these three parts of life combine to make one great life.

I'd Like for you to send me questions to answer. Last but not least I'd like to have a little ramble session to conclude whatever we've gone over. What is the purpose behind Sweat Nation? Depending on your awareness level it may be different. For some of you, it may be trying to get a hold of your health(mind/body).

What is health?

After a short trip to "the google". the definition of health is... "The condition of being of sound mind/body. Now that we brushed up on our English vocabulary lesson for the day(by the way health is a noun). When I ask people what they think health is. I get answers like "not in pain." or, "not feeling ill." This is a bit of a jump from sound mind/body. Your Body is an amazing yet complex organism. When you learn to listen to it true health can begin to become your reality. It takes practice. Many have lost touch and have drowned out what their bodies have been trying to tell them for quite some time. When you do this the only thing left for your body to do is adapt to the unhealthy. The Body will adapt, even to the bad. Through the pages of this blog, we want to give you the tools to listen and deliver your mind/body to its optimal potential.

Finance & Career ...

Health can also be achieved through a solid plan. Your financial future needs fuel. Fuel is delivered by how you show up every day. If you are of the mindset of only doing enough and flying under the radar, then the research suggests that this is how your finances & career will manifest itself.

Rising up and becoming more effective at what you do no matter what it is, will pay off in the long run. So many out there are focused on what they don't have, and how they don't like whatever it is they do that they become stuck and unhappy. Sweat Nation wants to give you the tools to break free from this trend.


This part of the Sweat Nation Triad is full of exciting things. How you engage in your relationships says a lot of where you are in your life. It seems that in these days of instant gratification many relationships have turned into that. It's a very what have you done for me lately base. There is also a lot of miscommunication and a lack of clarity. Here at SN, we want to create the awareness you need to make the best of your relationships. Be it with a significant other, your career & family. How you show up matters in how fulfilling your relationships will be

Together let's tackle & gameplan. This is Blog #1 in the bag. I would really appreciate your feedback. Let Sweat Nation help you in understanding the mountains of good and bad information that are out there. Subscribe to the SN newsletter by clicking on the banner below and recommend others to do the same. Looking forward to hearing from you. I'm excited about the opportunity to serve you. So here's to the New Year. And to a fantastic lifestyle!!!!!

Keep The Dream Alive...Make The Dream A Reality....LIVE THE DREAM!!!!!!!!!

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