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Frankly, It's Not Going To Be Easy

Some of you that have come across me know that I have a podcast addiction. Actually, addiction may be an understatement. You may wonder what Is it that I get out of listening to podcasts. I get so much out of them. First, it's a great use of time in the south Florida traffic machine. Second, it exposes me to new ideas. Lastly it challenges me to overcome that part of myself that wants everything to come easy.

1) Be it in South Florida, LA, or on a rural farm in the Dakotas. Using your time wisely is a hallmark of what successful beings do. I have found myself listening to many a biography or interview with the most successful people through the ages. If you're going to be shoulder-deep in a task where you can use your at the very least your ears to learn, that's a great use of your time.

The hard part comes in practicing how to listen to something new. For example Music is such an integral part of all of our lives. My musical exposure as a teen was very varied. From jazz, classical, Latin to rock I played and experimented with it all. With that foundation set, I listened to music in the car until my late twenties. This is when I began to wake up to all the wonder that's happening all around me in the universe. When that spark ignited I found it very difficult to transition to listening to conversations. I found that I could only pay attention for a short time before I was off thinking about something else and missed half of the message that was being laid out before me. I would get upset and go back to my comfort of music. Little by little though as I became more mindful about how my thoughts would stray, I began practicing paying attention. It sounds cliche, but I would literally just think pay attention a little longer than you did a few minutes ago. Over time I began to notice how I was fully present in the message happening in front of me. I began to let go of the anger when I caught myself not paying attention and replaced it with happiness that I realized my lack of attention and could then go back and work on my attention endurance.

Today, It's a crazy transition as I have to now have a situation where I force myself to listen to music on Fridays. Lately I've been up on Bad Bunny. His voice trips me out and brings me joy.

Always remember that although it may not be easy at first the body/mind adapts to the stimulus it receives.

2) In my early twenties before I began to practice being more mindful, I was let's call me a mindless athiest. I had a streak of Nihilism and thought that anyone who was foolish enough to fall for religion should get an earful from me. After all, didn't you know it all in your twenties too? I would not categorize myself as religious today, but with continued learning I've toned down that absolute look on life and have adopted one of more listening and learning on the messages that the ancient wisdom are trying to pass on. Now I use the whole take what works and disregard the rest mindset. I also find it useful to wonder why these ideas have such sticking power. No matter what I or anyone believes, These ideas are very prevalent and alive. It was not easy to overcome my ego to come to this conclusion either. I'm pretty sure I disrespected many people who didn't deserve it in my younger days, and I'm pretty sure that came at the expense of all types of opportunities.

I owe my whole financial outlook on expanding on ideas I picked up by listening to podcast. When I first came across these ideas I thought to myself "There's no way I could ever save money like that." Beginning with practice and little bits at a time I have begun to see the power of those ideas come to fruition. I'm sure like most of you I still have a ways to go financially, but at least the journey is being embraced, as tough as it may feel at times.

3) I have found myself often telling my teenage "kids" that "The short cut to doing anything is to just learn how to do it right." How many times do you know you've got to get something done like for example writing a blog post! Could I be telling myself something right now? I digress.

When I hear about all the obstacles that great leaders have had to overcome in creating value in our world. I clearly understand that the secret is to raise your game for the rest of your life. Not only that, but embracing the journey that becoming a better you will take you on. Many of us just wish for things to come easy. Chores, ideas, cooking, working out, saving money. The previous will happen, you just need to be caught up in making it happen, before you know it, what you want to accomplish will happen.

The takeaway from this article is this. Life doesn't get easier, you just get better.

Here's to your betterment. Get after it.

Track Of The Day - Chambea - Bad Bunny

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