Get Your Move On

Shana and I are up and moving around like true #spartans aroo!!

We sit way too much.

In fact, studies show that most adults spend most of their time sitting and lying down! And this has big consequences: too much sitting is associated with obesity, chronic disease, and early death.

Your body is here to do one know what that is? ....... Adapt!

Again, we sit too much. I spend a large part of my day helping clients adapt towards better movement. Just as a reminder our homie in intellect Isaac Newton quoted..."An object in motion stays in motion." This quote goes much deeper than just moving your body, it also speaks to moving your life, but I digress.

I'm aware of such research. This is why as I write this article I'm standing on my balcony on a beautiful South Florida day with my rolling stand-up desk. This "sacrifice" has made it so that I'm able to walk more than 10,000 steps a day while closing my movement rings on my apple watch. I get to work on my writing and learning to create more content to give to you(Sweat Nation). As an extra bonus for closing the rings consistently for 10 days, I get an Amazon gift card. What a sacrifice to be in motion, right? Oh, the last thing on closing my rings is that is how I got the apple watch which helps me keep track of all this great movement which one more perk is it lowers my life insurance premiums.

Now, everything comes with it's set of pro's/cons and unintended consequences. You know, they don't teach us when we're kids that no matter what you do there is always some sort of pain involved. You sit too much you hurt, you exercise you get sore, which hurts. So let me be the first to tell you the point-blank truth....Pain comes on this ride we're all going through together.

After some time, I began to realize that I was standing and walking on a flat, featureless surface too much. I was experiencing some “pains and strains” related to this repetitive activity. So, I started to search for ways to move more, and in a more varied fashion, while I was sitting and standing. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • Barefoot - GO ahead take your shoes off while you're standing around. This will ground you and give your feet that are always covered up by shoes a chance to feel the ground increasing what is referred to as proprioception leading to your feet learning how to have as my kids would say "more feels".

  • After each major task completed take a moment to stretch or drop-down in a deep squat. In other words, just move around.

Making a few small changes to your daily routine like this can have a huge impact on our overall health and well-being. I’ve seen a big difference myself. I’m feeling more energetic, less sore, and I’m getting more done!

I hope this helps you as much as it’s helped me.

Here's to your wealth/health!

Track Of The Day - Stand Tall - Dirty Heads

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