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Please Donate. Let's take action to reduce alzheimer's risk

Being a voracious learner, and wanting to help individuals on their journey I've been able to position myself to have the opportunity to be invited to be an expert panelist for the Move For Minds discussion panel on June 4th at Equinox Brickell Heights at 10 am. The topic of conversation this morning will be reducing risk factors for Alzheimer's. Below are the numbers as to why action needs to be taken.

As I've been digging into information, it just so happened that on May 10th I was listening to NPR and they were doing mother's day "shout outs". A woman came on to tell of her mother who now has passed from Alzheimer's. I want you to really take in the quote that she said, and think to yourself how you can help this organization bring more awareness to preventing this crushing disease.

"Hanging out with my mom towards the end before Alzheimer's took her we would laugh, and have a great time together. It was hard knowing that she didn't know I was her daughter. I was taken aback one day when she said 'If I had a daughter I wish she would be nice, just like you.' This is what I remember when I think of the type of person my mother was."

Let's get together, let's raise awareness, let's take action!!!

Today, 5.4 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease. Every 66 seconds a brain develops Alzheimer’s and 2/3 of them belong to women. By 2050, 16 million brains in the US and 135 million worldwide will have fallen victim to this disease, and millions more of family members and friends will suffer alongside those diagnosed.

On June 4th, I will be joining Maria Shriver and thousands of women and men across the country at Move for Minds™. My fundraising efforts will go directly to supporting the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement in its quest to fund women based research that will help us find answers about why Alzheimer’s discriminates against women and ultimately lead to a cure for all.

With your support, I am going to help wipe out this mind-blowing disease.

Please help Sweat Nation spread the message by making a donation today.

Thank You,

Flip Aguilera

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