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Overcoming Life's Unforeseen Obstacles

Could you imagine it? Two weeks ago Maritza(fiance) got a message from her friend Anz asking if we wanted to go to the Dirtybird Campout. Of course, we said we would go. Wouldn't you know it; we ended up in the artist and staff camping area where we got to see the overcoming of obstacles first hand.

Any event can be filled with minor logistics inconveniences. We arrived Thursday afternoon. The Dirtybird staff was very friendly and welcoming. Little did we know that a few hours later the campout would be on the verge of being shut down. Seems like there were some permitting issues that went unresolved for Thursday night. Thursday night went off well with Seth Troxler and Claude VonStroke.

We went to bed early that night to have our energy ready to go for what was sure to be a fun Friday. The games and festivities were great. It was all good. They split the campers into teams that competed throughout the weekend. Activities such as bingo, dodgeball, kickball, tug-o-war, and of course the super bowl were so much fun to participate in.

On Friday as the morning continued there was a glaring absence.... With no music, which really is the heart of this whole event. After all, it is the music that this record label personifies that has earned them the following that they have. They're really doing something great as they want people to be unapologetically themselves, with only acceptance to be had. In this world where many out there want others to be the way they think, having this festival of openness is just what's needed.

With no music on Friday, as you can imagine it was a major blow to the festival. As the word spread so did the confusion. As night came upon us with a silent festival the party was out in the general admission camping where the renegade parties were going full force. It was great to see the artist go out there to partake and play music amongst the fans. It filled the area with energy.

A little more about how the organizers handled Friday. As anyone who wants to do good for their people, they were stressed. What made it interesting to observe is that although they were stressed, they were in good spirits thinking that the situation would be resolved. Which it was. Had something to do with Pitbull, his lawyer, and Marco Rubio, but long story short. Music was on again.

Obstacles are something that is inevitable in this life. How you choose to engage life's obstacles is a mirror into who we/you are. It would have been very easy for the organizers to get upset and start spreading that type of energy. They didn't take that approach, and because of that, the festival came together with more energy than before. The feeling throughout the campout was one of overcoming and enjoying life together, and for this reason, I am proud to say that I was an attendee at the first Dirtybird Campout East.

The amount of gratitude I have for observing and meeting the people I met this weekend is a gift in itself. Being able to share it with you just makes it better. This whole positive mindset really does pay dividends in life.

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