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Taking Risks

Take that risk, It will end up being the sweetest part of your journey!

First off, I'd like to send a huge thank you to everyone who has been pulling me aside to let me know that the Sweat Nation message is resonating. We're all in this together. At our core Sweat Nation wants to be a part of the solution that makes you, and therefore the world, better.

Today’s message is a view of an idea that has wholly clarified the vision I have for my life. We've all heard the famous maxim “no risk, no reward.” And we all know that we should act in spite of fear, take risks, and claim that vision that is within us.

This isn’t one of those articles.

This view should encourage you to make aggressive moves towards your ultimate self and the nirvana of your possibilities. Today. Right now. At this moment. Not later, not tomorrow, and not when “the time is right.”

Most of the time, you already know what it is you need to take action on. I'm currently having some peaks and valleys of my own with this. I've been working on the 30/30 Rise program and have run into technical difficulties. It's made me realize that I'm good at helping to build healthy minds & bodies through holistic lifestyle practices, but know very little when it comes to computer technical proficiency.

I'm in it with you. It's that moment when you know, the thing you’ve been putting off for a while, and filed away for “later today, or tomorrow.” Usually avoiding it when that time comes. It then weighs on our conscience and causes more discomfort than actually doing the damn thing in the first place.

The hardest step is always the first one. It’s kind of like going to the gym, sticking to that nutritional protocol, or saving that first chunk of finances. The hardest step is motivating yourself to get off the couch, head into the gym, or get to the store to get the ingredients for that good for you meal. The exciting thing is that once you’re in motion, you realize “this isn’t so bad,” and when you leave the gym and make that meal you’re almost always in a better mood than when you came in – and you’re glad you overcame that first step of just starting.

It’s a great way to reinforce the idea that just getting started is the “hard” part. When you’re in motion, your mind will mobilize all its forces to your aid. It's very similar to getting to the next level for a video game.

About that thing you’ve been putting off? Get started on it now. Go all in. Identify what you’re terrified of, embrace it, and act in spite of it.

Here’s the exercise that changed everything for me.

Imagine you get started on your thing and give it all you’ve got, imagine the best possible scenario – when everything goes right, and your vision comes to life. Awesome, right?

Now imagine everything goes wrong, imagine, the WORST POSSIBLE SCENARIO. Usually, even the worst thing isn’t so bad. Even in the unlikely worst possible scenario, you’ve grown. You’ve got new stories to tell, life experiences to share, and things to mastermind about. In the process you'll have gained valuable life experience, probably picked up some new skills and knowledge, forged your character, increased your value as a productive human, and moved one step closer to your vision of your ultimate self.

Most of the time success isn’t linear, and things don’t go as expected -- but if you don’t take any action -- the only result will be nothing. Every thought you think and effort you make right now in the present – controls your future. But if you don’t take any action, things will be as they are, and as time passes you by, you’ll wonder to yourself:

“What If…”

Remember the things we build end up building us. Your life is the most excellent story ever told. Honor it and fight for your highest possibilities!! Here's to your continued growth.

Track Of The Day - TightRope - Janelle Monae

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