Two Types Of People(Which Are You?)

Which kind of person are you?

Imagine you know a woman named Jody. She wakes up late and skips having a real breakfast because she believes the marketing that America “runs on Dunkin’s”. She grabs a coffee fills it with packs of sugar with the main course of a processed carb donut and slides into her seat at work about five minutes late.

“Traffic,” she complains.

Jody immediately starts answering email and her stress builds up.

An hour later she’s starving. Why wouldn't she be? Has she actually fed her body anything it can actually use?

At noon she runs out of the building, grabs some fast food, and races right back to work through lunch.

She’s still getting sucked into email and dealing with other people’s deadlines.

By 2 p.m. she’s nodding off in her chair.

“Hey Jody,” a coworker says, waking her up. “You have that report for the boss? She’s not going to be happy if your weekly numbers are late again.”

Jody hits the panic button. She starts rushing through her new task and gets it done just on time — even though it’s full of errors.

“I’ll deal with that tomorrow,” she thinks. “I still have two hours of work to do and it’s already 4:30 p.m.”

The anxiety builds. Her blood pressure boils.


She sends out a text to her Bff saying she won't be able to make happy hour.

She puts her phone away before her Bff can reply, and she starts another mad dash of work.


Jodi, from sales, is walking out the door.

She was up early, in on time, ahead of the game, and more importantly, out the door on schedule after having another perfectly productive day.

Jody and Jodi are the 2 types of people in the world. Ironic, they even have the same name. Which Jod(y-i) to you associate with. Jody where everything is a whY? Or Jodi, where she takes responsibility for herself or I?

Sweat Nation is a community that helps you realize your I, and not always wondering WHY?... things happen to you.

I’d love your comments, shares, likes, and feedback.

After all, sweat Nation is seeking to connect the type of people that aim for success, just like you, right?

Become the person you need to become to achieve the results you want to achieve and to hit your big goals and dreams.

You expect extraordinary results in all areas of life — now go out and make them a reality!

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