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When The Right Time is The Present

Why are you still waiting for the right time to live the life of your dreams? You're busy and hectic. Your family member is sick. Your job is demanding. You're focused on planning a big life event. Your kids are pulling you in a million different directions. You’re an emotional eater…and now is an emotional time. There are a million and more excuses for why you haven’t made yourself a priority…yet. At the back of your mind, you believe that the day will come when you are ready to take action. But that right time just never seems to manifest itself!

Let’s be honest with each other right now. The right time to take action won’t ever magically appear. There will always be another life event to navigate. There’s always going to be someone you know who is sick…and you’ll even get sick at times. You will always have a reason to emotionally eat if you allow yourself that chaos. So what’s the solution? Drift through life unhappy? Comfort yourself with the thought that you’ll dial yourself one day…just not today? I’d like you to consider that the right time to take action is RIGHT NOW. Not despite your current life challenges but BECAUSE of them. How much more effective do you think you’ll be dealing with a busy schedule, sick relatives, big life events, and active kids when you’re living in an energetic, functional, mind & body? Loads more effective! Consider your current challenges as reasons why you MUST take action NOW rather than excuses as to why you CAN’T right now. I know you can do this. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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