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Your Simple As 1-2-3 Vision Clarifying Routine

Visualize and reach your goals. It's as easy as 1,2,3

People who clarify their vision/goals are more successful in life than those who don’t. Research bares it out time and time again.

But here’s the thing: People who enjoy moderate success have LOTS of visions. And while they may achieve several of those visions, they struggle to define the ones the matter MOST to them. The end result? They don’t have a system in place of prioritizing their BIGGEST, life-changing visions.

This is partly a reason why nine out of 10 people fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions. If that sounds a little bit like you, don’t worry.

I’m going to teach you the solution to this too-many-goals problem. And together, we’re going to turn your moderate success into an amazing year.

How do you ask? With this 1-2-3 Vision/Goal-Setting Routine.

Here’s how it works (and I’ll start with resolutions since 2018 is already here):

For some people, “resolutions” is a dirty word. But when you stick to them, they can change the trajectory of your life forever. Every decision you make has this power.

Resolutions (visions/goals) have always been a part of my work and personal growth, and they’ve helped inform my professional endeavors. For almost 10 years, my fitness businesses have helped hundreds of people set visions/goals, change habits, and transform their minds and bodies.

However, most people go about setting their vision inefficiently.

This was something I struggled with until my early 30s. That’s when in my search to make my life more efficient, I learned that I needed to replace my “shotgun-scattered” mind and approach with laser-focused organization.

In 2009, when I was 30 years old, I sat at my table prior to a New Year’s Eve party, writing out my vision for the next year.

At the end of my session, I had dozens of (minor) goals on a page. The next year, I achieved minor success in several areas but didn’t hit the major objectives that would have significantly altered my life for the better.

That’s when I kept my mind open for advice. I then learned that to realize my goals I needed to focus on just one goal for each of the four big areas in life—Mind, Body, Finances and Relationships.

Breaking it down to these areas was incredibly impactful. It freed me to grow my business as a personal trainer, and, gave me a template that is the bases of everything I do today.

Using wisdom as the foundation, I created the 1-2-3 Vision/Goal-Setting System. It starts by picking a 90-day deadline alongside one outcome goal for each of two areas of your life (one personal, one professional), and outlining three major actions steps for each outcome goal.

I’ll bet you’re asking, “Why does this minimal approach work better than resolutions?”

Imagine waking up on New Year’s Day and saying, “I want to lose 10 pounds,” or “I want to make an extra million dollars.” That’s nice. But there’s no plan, no path, no focus, no urgency, no vision. Your dream simply won’t come true.

The 1-2-3 Goal-Setting Formula fixes that.

You may have many questions about this formula, so I’ll beat you to the punch and answer them now:

Why a 90-day deadline?

The 1-2-3 Goal-Setting Formula really takes advantage of the BIG deadline.

Deadlines turn the abstract into the concrete, spur us to action, keep us going through tough times, and move faster toward the finish line.

That’s why we want a 90-day deadline in the 1-2-3 Goal Setting Routine. It’s not actually dissimilar to quarterly planning sessions for business sales—and many entrepreneurs and CEOs have enjoyed financial success setting up internal deadlines for their own growth and development.

You shouldn't you enjoy the same kind of success?

What exactly is an outcome goal? And why is there only one of them?

An outcome goal is a numbers-based objective—like losing 10 pounds or making $1 million. It’s more specific than “losing weight” or “getting rich.”

I limit it to just one outcome goal because I want you to be singularly focused on the goal that has the most significant impact on your life. Think of the outcome goal as the bullseye on the target. If you hit the bullseye, it’s worth more than hitting the outside ring 10 times.

Ok, but why should I focus on just two major areas of my life?

This is where I’ve gamed the system. Four goals are better than 20, but even then, the waters get a little muddy. For the next 90 days, you are just going to focus on two major goals—one personal, one financial. That’s it. That’s an extreme focus and a clear path to success.

The great thing is, when you achieve major goals, pretty much every other area of your life improves. Plus, you open up more time and energy for other goals in your next 90-day sprint.

And process goals? What are those, and why three of them?

We need to use process goals because there is a serious FLAW in only setting outcome goals.

Let me explain. in chatting with my mastermind group, it taught me that we do not control our outcome goals. There are always external circumstances influencing the final outcome. We might lose nine pounds instead of 10, or we might make $900K instead of an extra million. The final outcome is never fully within our control.

However, what you DO control are the action steps that move you in the direction of your outcome goal. We control our weight loss efforts—our diet, our exercise, our sleep, and our water intake. We control our revenue-generating activities—setting up lead-generation systems, practicing our sales scripts, doing follow-up, and asking for referrals. If we do our best with our action steps (process goals), we’ll get as close as possible to our outcome goals.

Boom, there you have it—a concrete, effective alternative to failure-assured resolutions. One outcome goal for each of two areas of your life—one financial and one personal—and three action steps for each outcome goal.

And let me allay your fears; this isn’t some fly-by-night methodology I cooked up to get clicks, either. I've been using the 1-2-3 Goal-Setting System for years now. Some have used it to optimize their mind and bodies. Others have applied it towards clearing and growing their finances, and still, others have landed in happy, longterm friendships/relationships that they were seeking for years.

So I urge you to start 2018 on the right foot and build out your own 1-2-3 Goal-Setting System. You can do anything for 90 days—and you may just change your life.

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