WEYT Episode #9 Women in STEM, Motherhood and the changing times with Jojo Shaw



In this episode of #WEYT, we speak with Jojo Shaw. Below are some of the highlights of the episode. 


1:00 - Introduction

1:30 - Why an Engineer?

3:00 - Woman in STEM & how it has affected Mothering style

6:30 - Racial Tensions & Police Reform - How to make change that last

12:30 - “Tetrising” Love through life’s challenges

15:45 - Mind & Body Regiment

18:00 - How pandemic is affecting career

20:00 - Relationships

22:00 - Whoo Jojo want to speak to

23:00 - “Framily”

25:00 Advice to 18-year-old mother



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Hi, Flip Awesome Aguilera here, and welcome to WEYT! I know, that's not even how WEYT is spelled. Thank you for noticing and paying attention. Now that I have your attention I'll let you Know that WEYT is an acronym, but before I tell you, let's go over the actual word. 

There are several ways to interpret it. There is Weight like you carry in a gym, there's Wait like when we need patience or don't have enough of it. There's the way something weighs on us psychologically and emotionally. All in all it's a versatile word.

In this case, WEYT stands for Whats #Engaging Your #Thoughts? Join me as I discover interesting people and find out what's going on between their ears. C'mon, let's get to know one another.


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